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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2021Assessing caregivers’ adherence to child primary care recommendations: development and validation of a scale10071/21391Mourão, S.; Bernardes, S. F.; Carvalho, H.articleopenAccess
2017Autonomy-connectedness in collectivistic cultures: an exploratory cross-cultural study among Portuguese natives, Cape-Verdean and Chinese people residing in Portugal10071/12828Moleiro, C.; Ratinho, I.; Bernardes, S. F.articleopenAccess
2017Beyond solicitousness: a comprehensive review on informal pain-related social support10071/14668Bernardes, S. F.; Forgeron, P.; Fournier, K.; Reszel, J.articleopenAccess
2017Buffer or amplifier? Longitudinal effects of social support for functional autonomy/dependence on older-adults’ chronic-pain experiences10071/14736Matos, M.; Bernardes, S. F.; Gourber, L.; Beyers, W.articleopenAccess
2021Classism in pain assessment and management: The mediating role of female patient dehumanizationand perceived life hardship10071/22489Bernardes, S. F.; Tomé-Pires, C.; Brandão, T.; Ms, L. C.; Teixeira, F.; Goubert, L.articleembargoedAccess
2019Classism in pain care: the role of patient socioeconomic status on nurses’ pain assessment and management practices10071/18473Brandão, T.; Campos, L.; de Ruddere, L.; Goubert, L.; Bernardes, S. F.articleopenAccess
2011A contextual approach on sex-related biases in pain judgments: The moderator effects of medical evidence and patients' distress cues on nurses' judgments of chronic low-back pain.10071/6918Bernardes, S. F.; Lima, M. L.articleopenAccess
2014O desenho de um centro de saúde para jovens: um exemplo de investigação participativa10071/8182Calheiros, M. M.; Patrício, J.; Bernardes, S. F.articleopenAccess
2020A dyadic perspective on coping and its effects on relationship quality and psychological distress in couples living with chronic pain: a longitudinal study10071/20912Mittinty, M. M.; Kindt, S.; Mittinty, M. N.; Bernardes, S. F.; Cano, A.; Verhohfstad, L.; Goubert, L.articleopenAccess
2013Engendering pain management practices: the role of physician sex on chronic low-back pain assessment and treatment prescriptions10071/7309Bernardes, S. F.; Costa, M.; Carvalho, H.articleopenAccess
2015Escalas de medida da percepção da qualidade do ambiente hospitalar: um estudo em unidades de dor10071/10825Morais, R.; Andrade, C. C.; Bernardes, S. F.; Pereira, C. R.articleopenAccess
2014Ethnic minorities’ and immigrants’ therapeutic (non)adherence: what is the role of social and cultural contexts?10071/9612Mourão, S.; Bernardes, S. F.articleopenAccess
2009Existirão enviesamentos de sexo nos julgamentos de dor de enfermeiro/as? Sim…mas nem sempre10071/16114Bernardes, S. F.articleopenAccess
2019Helping your partner with chronic pain: the importance of helping motivation, received social support, and its timeliness10071/16228Kindt, S.; Vansteenkiste, M.; Josephy, H.; Bernardes, S. F.; Goubert, L.articleopenAccess
2017Introdução geral: da integração da investigação no ensino (I&E) ao INTEGRA I&E10071/15914Bernardes, S. F.; Reis, F.otheropenAccess
2014Is it a (fe)male pain? Portuguese Nurses’ and Laypeople’s´ Gendered Representations of Common Pains10071/8174Bernardes, S. F.; Silva, S.; Carvalho, H.; Pereira, S.articleembargoedAccess
2015Old and in pain: enduring and situational effects of cultural aging stereotypes on older people's pain experiences10071/9739Bernardes, S. F.; Marques, S.; Matos, M.articleembargoedAccess
2017Older adults’ preferences for formal social support of autonomy and dependence in pain: development and validation of a scale10071/14505Bernardes, S. F.; Matos, M.; Goubert, L.articleopenAccess
2011On the contextual nature of sex-related biases in pain judgments: The effects of pain duration, patient's anxiety symptoms and judge's sex.10071/6917Bernardes, S. F.; Lima, M. L.articleembargoedAccess
2005Otimismo comparativo e percepções de controle face à saúde na adolescência: existirão diferenças etárias?10071/13808Bernardes, S. F.; Lima, M. L.articleopenAccess