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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2014An application of the anti-commons theory to an elderly nursing home project in Portugal10071/9580Lamelas, J. P.; Filipe, J.articleopenAccess
2011An ethical issue in anti-commons management. Aquaculture case in Portugal10071/14168Filipe, J.; Ferreira, M. A. M.; Coelho, M.articleopenAccess
2014“Applied Financial Research”, financial markets, a need for reflection (Editorial Note)10071/9582Filipe, J.articleopenAccess
2012Are American and European companies returning back from China?10071/13974Filipe, J.articleopenAccess
2013Assessing online e-marketing and disposal in Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited (India)10071/11793Jayaram, R; Selvarasu, A.; Filipe, J.; Kedige, M.articleopenAccess
2012Co-leadership and hotel management. The account systems USALI and BSC to improve effectiveness and efficiency. The portuguese case10071/13967Lamelas, J. P.; Filipe, J.articleopenAccess
2014Commons management: a reflection over the current crisis10071/9581Filipe, J.articleopenAccess
2018Competing globally with cost accounting: a case study10071/19766Pedro, M. I.; Martins, J. C.; Filipe, J.articleopenAccess
2021Core predictors of debt specialization: A new insight to optimal capital structure10071/22517Khan, K. I.; Qadeer, F.; Mata, M. N.; Neto, J. C.; Sabir, Q. A.; Martins, J. N.; Filipe, J.articleopenAccess
2020Covid-19, chaos theory and “the drop of honey effect”. Viruses and human behavior10071/20496Filipe, J.articleembargoedAccess
2019Creativity and innovation: a contribution of behavioral economics10071/19988Neto, J. C; Filipe, J.; Caleiro, A. B.articleopenAccess
2018Desirability of technology entrepreneurship among Bulgarian STEM students: the role of entrepreneurship education10071/20736Yordanova, D.; Filipe, J.articleopenAccess
2017Editorial Note - Marketing intelligence, project management, financial and economic implications10071/14166Selvarasu, A.; Filipe, J.otheropenAccess
2016Editorial note “Political economy of land reform”10071/14211Sousa, M. R.; Filipe, J.articleopenAccess
2013Editorial: A general view over the neuroscience in business and economic decision making10071/11790Filipe, J.otherembargoedAccess
2013Effect of internal-marketing-mix on customer-pyramid-oriented banking service performance: an Indian experience10071/11798Selvarasu, A.; Natarajan, K.; Filipe, J.articleopenAccess
2013Effect of loan value and collateral on value of mortgage default10071/11799Itoo, R. A.; Selvarasu, A.; Filipe, J.articleopenAccess
2020Epidemics and Pandemics: Covid-19 and the “Drop of Honey Effect”10071/20423Filipe, J.articleopenAccess
2020Higher education as determinant of competitiveness and sustainable development of economy10071/20739Krstić, M.; Filipe, J.; Neto, J.articleopenAccess
2020An incomplete information static game for the evaluation of the community based forest management in Zagros forests, Iran10071/20392Zandebasiri, M.; Filipe, J.; Soosani, J.; Pourhashemi, M.; Salvati, L.; Mata, M. N.; Mata, P.articleopenAccess