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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
26-Apr-2013A brief overview of the evolution and main features of the biotechnology industryFontes, M.; Videira, P.Working PaperOpen Access
2011Building a bridge: social networks and technological regimes in biotechnology and softwareSalavisa, I.; Fontes, M.; Sousa, C.; Videira, P.Working PaperOpen Access
2014Building innovation networks in science-based young firms: the selection of knowledge sourcesSousa, C.; Fontes, M.ArticleEmbargoed Access
14-Feb-2014Building innovation networks: the process of partner selection by young knowledge intensive firmsSousa, C.; Fontes, M.Working PaperOpen Access
2016The capacity for adopting energy innovations in Portugal: historical evidence and perspectives for the futureBento, N.; Fontes, M.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2021Challenges and opportunities of decarbonization for the economic recovery post-pandemic: The question of directionality in innovation policiesBento, N.; Fontes, M.; Barbosa, J.; Mamede, R. P.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2015The construction of a new technological innovation system in a follower country: wind energy in PortugalBento, N.; Fontes, M.ArticleEmbargoed Access
Mar-2017Direction and legitimation in system upscaling – planification of floating offshore windBento, N.; Fontes, M.Working PaperOpen Access
22-Jan-2015Dynamics of knowledge production and technology diffusion: insights from the emergence of wind energySousa, C.; Bento, N.; Fontes, M.Working PaperOpen Access
2019Emergence of floating offshore wind energy: technology and industryBento, N.; Fontes, M.ArticleOpen Access
13-Mar-2014Entry by research-based spin-offs: the determinants of regional variationConceição, O.; Fontes, M.; Faria, A. P.Working PaperOpen Access
2013Entry strategies in the face of incumbents dominant position: the case of advanced renewable energy technologiesFontes, M.; Sousa, C.; Pimenta, S.Conference ObjectOpen Access
2017The entry strategies of research-based firms in the transition to a sustainable energy systemFontes, M.; Sousa, C.ArticleOpen Access
2021Inter-sectoral relations to accelerate the formation of technological innovation systems: determinants of actors’ entry into marine renewable energy technologiesBento, N.; Fontes, M.; Barbosa, J.ArticleEmbargoed Access
Dec-2009Knowledge access and location decisions in biotechnology: the spatial dimension of social networksFontes, M.; Sousa, C.; Videira, P.Working PaperOpen Access
2018Legitimation and guidance in scaling up energy innovation systemsBento, N.; Fontes, M.Conference ObjectOpen Access
13-Mar-2014Mechanisms that accelerate the diffusion of renewable technologies in new markets: Insights from the wind industry in PortugalBento, N.; Fontes, M.; DINÂMIA, MariaWorking PaperOpen Access
2015Networks mobilized to access key resources at early stages of biotech firms: a comparative analysis in two moderately innovative countriesCapaldo, G.; Fontes, M.; Cannavacciuolo, L.; Rippa, P.; Sousa, C.ArticleEmbargoed Access
2015Oceans of energy? The non-linear trajectory of the emerging wave energy technologyFontes, M.; Sousa, C.; Ferreira, J.Working PaperOpen Access
Jan-2013Para um debate sobre Mobilidade e Fuga de CérebrosAraújo, E.; Fontes, M.; Bento, S.BookOpen Access