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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2020Firm performance through online engagement: The role of experience and customer inspiraton10071/22778Alreesh, M.; Loureiro, S. M. C.; Bilro, R. G.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2020Virtual supermarket setting: Exploring antecedents of emotions and purchase intentions10071/22777Loureiro, S. M. C.; Correia, C.; Guerreiro, J.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2020Is apology the best strategy to mitigate online firestorms in social media?10071/22776Souto, D.; Neves, H.; Loureiro, S. M. C.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2020Exploring the factors that lead the adoption of virtual reality technologies among football fans10071/22775Souto, D.; Oliveira, P.; Loureiro, S. M. C.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2020Cool museum experience in the relationship with visitors10071/22774Blanco, T.; Loureiro, S. M. C.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2020The different shades of brand hate: A qualitative approach10071/22773Pereira, J.; Loureiro, S. M. C.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2020Sacrifice for a brand: Three expert visions of the fans relationships towards a football club10071/22772Cayolla, R.; Loureiro, S. M. C.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2020The role of virtual reality and artificial intelligence in marketing relationship communications10071/22771Ferreira, M. M.; Loureiro, S. M. C.; Pereira, H.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2020Exploring young artists’ digital performance: the impact of online community engagement and co-creation on brand love10071/22770Policarpo, P.; Guerreiro, J.; Loureiro, S. M. C.; Bilro, R. G.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2020How influencers and digital interaction can impact customer-brand relationship and engagement10071/22769Bilro, R. G.; Loureiro, S. M. C.; Guerreiro, J.; Raposo, D.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2020The impact of influencer marketing and instagrammers on consumer purchase intentions and brand attitude10071/22768Bilro, R. G.; Loureiro, S. M. C.; Rosado-Pinto, F.; Costa, I.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2020Tourist-hotel relationship: the role of customer experience and brand authenticity10071/22767Rosado-Pinto, F.; Loureiro, S. M. C.; Bilro, R.G.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2020O benefício do enriquecimento trabalho-família para a saúde dos professores: O papel da autoeficácia percebida num estudo diário10071/22748Vilhena, L.; Tavares, S.articleopenAccess
2020Earnings management and corporate governance: Portuguese unlisted firms10071/22728Paiva, I.; Dias, P.; Palma, M.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2020Dashboard to monitor outages in a smart grid10071/22727Laureano, Raul M. S.; Laureano, L.; Sanz, A. C. P.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2019Manipulação de resultados e fraude nas candidaturas a fundos Europeus: Estudo em empresas Portuguesas10071/22666Fernandes, S.; Laureano, R. M. S.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2019Earnings management y responsabilidad social corporativa: Empresas familiares y no familiares10071/22665Borralho, J. M. C.; Gallardo-Vázquez, D.; Hernández-Linares, R.; Paiva, I.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2019How gender affects the buying-decision process among consumers of luxury goods10071/22664Marques, S.; Lindo, V.; Pereira, H.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2019Fashion and beauty advertising models’ age and its impact on over 50 female consumers’ purchase intention10071/22663Pereira, H.; Salgueiro, M. F.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2019The power of people: When people and culture are the key to organisations success10071/22657Costa, L. R. da; Loureiro, S. M. C.conferenceObjectopenAccess