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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2012Participatory community involvement in planning processes of building project - a social psychological approachLima, M. L.; Moreira, S.; Marques, S.ArticleOpen Access
2-Jul-2013Emoções num piscar de olho: Brincar com a violência e reflexo de sobressalto durante a exposição a estímulos afetivosAdrião, Joana; Arriaga, Patrícia; Esteves, FranciscoConference ObjectOpen Access
2018Factors determining player drop-out in Massive Multiplayer Online GamesLebres, I.; Rita, P.; Moro, S.; Ramos, P.ArticleOpen Access
2018Participar está na moda: uma abordagem psicossocial dos orçamentos participativosSantos, M.; Batel, S.; Gonçalves, M. E.ArticleOpen Access
2012Users' views of hospital environmental quality: Validation of the Perceived Hospital Environment Quality Indicators (PHEQIs)Andrade, C. C.; Lima, M. L.; Fornara, F.; Bonaiuto, M.ArticleOpen Access
14-Jun-2013Emotional GamingMadeira, Filipa; Arriaga, Patrícia; Adrião, Joana; Lopes, Ricardo; Esteves, FranciscoBook ChapterOpen Access
2-Jul-2013A Influência dos estados emocionais e tipo de processamento na produção de memórias falsasSilvia, Sónia; Carneiro, Paula; Arriaga, PatríciaConference ObjectOpen Access
2018Capturing and missing the patient's story through outcome measures: a thematic comparison of patient-generated items in PSYCHLOPS with CORE-OM and PHQ-9Sales, C. M. D.; Neves, I. T. D.; Alves, P. G.; Ashworth, M.ArticleOpen Access
31-May-2013Playing for better or for worse? Health and Social outcomes with electronic gamingArriaga, Patrícia; Fernandes, Sara; Esteves, FranciscoBook ChapterOpen Access
2015Social images of residential care: how children, youth and residential care institutions are portrayed?Calheiros, M. M.; Garrido, M. V.; Lopes, D.; Patrício, J. N.ArticleEmbargoed Access