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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2021Authentic and posed emotional vocalizations trigger distinct facial responses10071/22796Lima, C. F.; Arriaga, P.; Anikin, A.; Pires, A. R.; Frade, S.; Neves, L.; Scott, S. K.articleembargoedAccess
2021What drives the dehumanization of consensual non-monogamous partners?10071/22793Rodrigues, D. L.; Lopes, D.; Huic, A.articleopenAccess
2021Regulatory focus and sexual health: Motives for security and pleasure in sexuality are associated with distinct protective behaviors10071/22712Rodrigues, D. L.; Lopes, D.; Carvalho, A. C.articleopenAccess
2021Psychometric validation of the Portuguese version of the Measure of Anxiety in Selection Interviews10071/22646Santos, A. C.; Arriaga, P.; Simões, C.articleembargoedAccess
2021Unpacking the social psychology of populism: A brief introductory note10071/22634Stathi, S.; Guerra, R.articleopenAccess
2021Anxiety and social support as predictors of student academic motivation during the COVID-1910071/22616Camacho, A.; Correia, N.; Zaccoletti, Z.; Daniel, J.articleopenAccess
2021Too old for technology? Stereotype threat and technology use by older adults10071/22600Mariano, J.; Marques, S.; Ramos, M. R.; Gerardo, F.; Cunha, C. L.; Girenko, A.; Alexandersson, J.; Stree, B.; Lamanna, M.; Lorenzatto, M.; Mikkelsen, L. P.; Bundgård-Jørgensen, U.; Rêgo, S.; de Vries, HeinarticleopenAccess
2021Gender equality and modernity in Portugal. An analysis on the obstacles to gender equality in highly qualified professions10071/22538Amâncio, L.; Santos, M. H.articleopenAccess
2021Time to get emotional: Determinants of university students’ intention to return to rural areas10071/22536Simões, F.; Rocca, A.; Rocha, R.; Mateus, C.; Marta, E.; Tosun, J.articleopenAccess
2021Associations between green/blue spaces and mental health across 18 countries10071/22515White, M. P.; Elliott, L. R.; Grellier, J.; Economou, T.; Bell, S.; Bratman, G. N.; Cirach, M.; Gascon, M.; Lima, M. L.; Lõhmus, M.; Nieuwenhuijsen, M.; Ojala, A.; Roiko, A.; Schultz, P. W.; van den Bosch, M. A.; Fleming, L. E.articleopenAccess
2020“Who Cares?”: the acceptance of decentralized wastewater systems in regions without water problems10071/22510Gómez-Román, C.; Lima, L.; Vila-Tojo, S.; Correa-Chica, A.; Lema, J.; Sabucedo, J.-M.articleopenAccess
2021Testing common knowledge: are Northern Europeans and millennials more concerned about the environment?10071/22509Gómez-Román, C.; Lima, M. L.; Seoane, G.; Alzate, M.; Dono, M.; Sabucedo, J.-M.articleopenAccess
2021Tears evoke the intention to offer social support: A systematic investigation of the interpersonal effects of emotional crying across 41 countries10071/22496Zickfeld, J. H.; Van de Ven; N.; Pich, O.; Schubert, T. W.; Berkessel, J. B.; Pizarro, J.; Bhushan, B.; Mateo, N. J.; Barbosa, S.; Sharman, L.; Kökönyei, G.; Çolak, T. S.; Martinez-Zelaya, G.; Vingerhoets, A.; Schrover, E.; Kardum, I.; Aruta, J. J. B.; Lazarevic, L. B.; Escobar, M. J.; Stadel, M.; Arriaga, P.; Dodaj, A.; Shankland, R.; Majeed, N. M.; Li, Y.; Lekkou, E.; Hartanto, A.; Özdoğru, A. A.; Vaughn, L. A.; Espinoza; M. Del C.; Caballero, A.; Kolen, A.; Karsten, J.; Manley, H.; Maeura, N.; Eşkisu, M.; Shani, Y.; Chittham, P.; Ferreira, D.; Bavolar, J.; Konova, I.; Sato, W.; Morvinski, C.; Carrera, P.; Villar, S.; Ibanez, A.; Hareli, S.; Garcia, A. M.; Kremer, I.; Götz, F. M.; Schwerdtfeger, A.; Estrada-Mejia, C.; Nakayama, M.; Ng, W. Q.; Sesar, K.; Orjiakor, C. T.; Dumont, K.; Allred, T. B.; Gračanin, A.; Rentfrow, P. J.; Schönefeld, V.; Vally, Z.; Barzykowski, K.; Peltola, H.-R.; Tcherkassof, A.; Haque, S.; Śmieja, M.; Su-May, T. T.; IJzerman, H.; Vatakis, A.; Ong, C. W.; Choi, E.; Schorch, S. L.; Páez, D.; Malik, S.; Kačmár, P.; Bobowik, M.; Jose, P.; Vuoskoski, J.; Basabe, N.; Doğan, U.; Ebert, T.; Uchida, Y.; Zheng, M. X.; Mefoh, P.; Šebeňa, R.; Stanke, F. A.; Ballada, C. J.; Blaut, A.; Wu, Y.; Daniels, J. K.; Kocsel, N.; Burak, E. G. D.; Balt, N. F.; Vanman, E.; Stewart, S. L. K.; Verschuere, B.; Sikka, P.; Boudesseul, J.; Martins, Diogo; Nussinson, R.; Ito, K.; Mentser, S.articleembargoedAccess
2021Heteronormative beliefs and internalized homonegativity in the coming out process of Portuguese and Turkish sexual minority men10071/22493Torres, C. A.; Rodrigues, D. L.articleembargoedAccess
2021Classism in pain assessment and management: The mediating role of female patient dehumanizationand perceived life hardship10071/22489Bernardes, S. F.; Tomé-Pires, C.; Brandão, T.; Ms, L. C.; Teixeira, F.; Goubert, L.articleembargoedAccess
2021Cognitive functioning mediates the relationship between self-perceptions of aging and computer use behavior in late adulthood: Evidence from two longitudinal studies10071/22486Mariano, J.; Marques, S.; Ramos, M. R.; de Vries, H.articleopenAccess
2021Children’s attitudes and behaviors about oral health and dental practices10071/22443Fernandes, S. C.; Louceiro, A.; Lopes, L. B.; Esteves, F.; Arriaga, P.articleopenAccess
2021An intergroup approach to collective narcissism: intergroup threats and hostility in four European Union countries10071/22431Guerra, R.; Bierwiaczonek, K.; Ferreira, M.; Golec, A.; Abakoumkin, G.; Wildschut, T.; Sedikides, C.articleopenAccess
2021Youth’s rights and mental health: the role of supportive relations in care10071/22429Magalhães, E.; Calheiros, M. M.; Costa, P.; Ferreira, S.articleopenAccess
2021Gender asymmetries in Portuguese trade unions: the case of the CGTP-IN10071/22428Santos, M. H.; Cerqueira, C.; Cruz, R. V.articleopenAccess