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Title: Space and Planetary Imaging using JPEG2000
Authors: Serrão, Carlos
Dias, Miguel
Keywords: DRM
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: The raising demand for Digital content Rights Management (DRM), protection and security, enabling effective on-line access, exchange and trading of all types of digital media items (ranging from a simple text file to a large space or planetary image) and, at the same time, supporting global interoperability of customer devices and traded items, can only be met by a good mix of open architectures and proprietary technologies. In this paper, we present a novel integrated architecture that supports the secure handling of large remote sensing ISO JPEG2000 coded images, obtained from satellite. This effort is within the scope of further developments and new extensions for this standard, namely: - Trans-coding of proprietary digital image formats used in satellite imagery, to the new JPEG2000 format; - Inexpensive network clusters for parallel computing to improve the algorithmic process of coding very large digital images obtained from satellites. - Coding of multi-component and multi-spectral images as well as volumetric images (JP3D); - Exploration of interactive on-line image satellite catalogues (JPIP); - Secure transmission, and protection of the image content based in OpenSDRM (JPSEC).
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