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Title: The relationship between playing violent electronic games and aggression in adolescents
Authors: Arriaga, Patrícia
Ribeiro, Luís Pais
Keywords: Violent games
Issue Date: 2001
Abstract: The concern with the effect of exposure to violent contents on behavior is not recent and has been the subject of intense research. Earlier findings on exposure to violence on television (TV) indicated that: (1) people can learn aggressive behaviors and attitudes1; (2) it may reinforce the behavior of already aggressive people; (3) it may desensitize individuals to violence, turning them indifferent to other people’s suffering2, and to an increasing acceptance of violence in real 1ife3–4; and (4) it can lead to a distorted perception of the world, in which they overestimate their risk of victimisation5. Berkowitz6 mentioned that exposure to violence in the media is most likely to increase the probability of aggressive behavior if the individuals are under the following conditions: (a) the focus of attention is directed to the aggression instead of focusing on other aspects; (b) the observed violence is not punished, nor does it have adverse consequences for the aggressor; (c) the individual identifies himself with aggressive models; and (d) the portrayal of violence is not considered inappropriate or unjustified.
DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4757-6238-9_15
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