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Title: Numerical methods to compute sojourn times in Jackson networks distribution functions and moments
Authors: Ferreira, Manuel Alberto M.
Andrade, Marina
Keywords: Jackson networks
Sojourn time
network flow equations
Randomisation procedure
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Progress IPS LLC
Abstract: Jackson queuing networks have a lot of practical applications, mainly in human and technologic devices. For the first case, an example are the healthcare networks and, for the second, the computation and telecommunications networks. Evidently the time that one customer - a person, a job, a message … – spends in this kind of systems, its sojourn time, is an important measure of its performance, among others. In this work the practical known results about the sojourn time distribution are collected and presented. And an emphasis is put on the numerical methods applicable to compute the distribution function and the moments.
ISBN: 978-9952-8071-4-1
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