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Title: Design of Communication and Control for Swarms of Aquatic Surface Drones
Authors: Christensen, Anders Lyhne
Oliveira, Sancho
Postolache, Octavian
Oliveira, Maria João de
Sargento, Susana
Santana, Pedro
Nunes, Luís
Velez, Fernando
Sebastião, Pedro
Costa, Vasco
Duarte, Miguel
Gomes, Jorge
Rodrigues, Tiago
Silva, Fernando
Keywords: Robotics platform
Digital manufacturing
Mesh networks
Evolutionary robotics
Decentralized control
Issue Date: 28-Jul-2015
Abstract: The availability of relatively capable and inexpensive hardware components has made it feasible to consider large-scale systems of autonomous aquatic drones for maritime tasks. In this paper, we present the CORATAM and HANCAD projects, which focus on the fundamental challenges related to communication and control in swarms of aquatic drones. We argue for (i) the adoption of a heterogeneous approach to communication in which a small subset of the drones have long-range communication capabilities while the majority carry only short-range communication hardware, and (ii) the use of decentralized control based on self-organization to facilitate inherent robustness and scalability. A heterogeneous communication system and decentralized control allow for the average drone to be kept relative simple and therefore inexpensive. To assess the proposed methodology, we are currently building 25 prototype drones from off-the-shelf components. We present the current hardware designs and discuss the results of simulation-based experiments involving swarms of up to 1,000 aquatic drones that successfully patrolled a 20 km long strip for 24 hours.
Peer reviewed: Sim
DOI: 10.5220/0005281705480555
ISBN: 978-989-758-074-1
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